"All involved (nurses, parents, and I) were impressed that Snuggle Wraps arm immobilizers for babies were superior to the arm restraints that we currently use"
-William Terranova, M.D.

"Here is the strongest endorsement ANY product can get from me:  If my child still needed child arm restraints after surgery I would get Snuggle Wraps arm restraints for my child.  I am truly impressed with this product and I see it as a DEFINITE step up for our kids!"
-Joanne Green, Director of WideSmiles

"Two of the most commonly used arm restraints for children have hard, bulky edges at the top which can rip out the stitches of a cleft lip repair.  Snuggle Wraps arm restraints solve this problem with its new ingenious design"
-Susan Mitchell, R.N.

Snuggle Wraps arm immobilizers made such a difference in my son's recovery after his second surgery!  It was so much less stressful knowing he was comfortable and that they would stay on.
-Robin (mom to Jacob 2 yrs old)

I love Snuggle Wraps baby arm immobilizers design with the open spaces!  This was especially nice since my daughter had to wear baby arm immobilizers in the summertime in Florida!  Thanks!!
-Sarah (mom to Laura 9 months old)

"Snuggle Wraps child arm restraints in our practice have replaced the conventional arm restraints for our pediatric patients.  Nurses and families alike have converted us to the use of this ingenious child arm restraint!"
-Richard C. Hagerty, M.D.

I am amazed at how these baby arm immobilizers actually stayed on!
-Thomas (dad to McKenzie 1 year old)

I was very glad that Snuggle Wraps child arm immobilizers were so thin and light that my daughter could wear a long sleeve shirt over them when we went out in public.  I didn't have to deal with ridiculous questions or suspicious stares about why she is wearing arm restraints.  
-Becka (mom to Zack)

"I am so thankful that we found Snuggle Wraps child arm restraints!  What a great design and product!"
Karen (mom to Kyla 3 yrs old)

"I don't know why anybody would ever use another kind of arm immobilizer for children after using Snuggle Wraps.  There is no comparison!  It really does solve the problems associated with wearing arm immobilizers!"
Robert (dad to Ben 19 months old)

"Recovery was so much easier thanks to Snuggle Wraps arm restraints for babies."
Naomi (mom to Baily 15 months old)

"I appreciate that we can put these arm restraints under my child's shirt and that they are so light and cool."
Katie ( mom to Justin 3 yrs old)

 "My daughter, my granddaughter and the rest of the family are so pleased with the Snuggle Wraps arm immobilizers .  The difference from the child arm restraints the hospital provided is just about astronomical - from being so much easier to put on to the baby being able to use her hands and fingers and on to the fact that they actually stay put and further, do not irritate with scratching, pinching or pressure anywhere, there's more - they are so light and airy."
-Martha M. from Colorado (grandmother to KaiLi, 8 months old)

"Snuggle Wraps arm immobilizers kept my son a lot cooler compared to the other ones we used for the first surgery.  No sweating, no heat rashes, and a much happier kid."
-Judy A. from Florida (mom to Joey, 2 years old)

"My daughter seemed much more comfortable in Snuggle Wraps arm immobilizers than she did in all those big bulky arm restraints we used before.  They worked a lot better too.  They didn't even slip off!  Snuggle Wraps truly gave me piece of mind."
-Donna G. from Tennessee (mom to Courtney, 19 months old)

"What a great product you have made for our kids! A million thanks!!!"
-Karen (mom to Jenny, 6 months old)

"Snuggle Wraps elbow immobilizers are hands down the absolute best!"  (pardon the pun)
-Gloria (mom to Kelly, 11 months old)

"Thanks for coming up with such a valuable product!  I was just thrilled with how much better these arm restraints were."
-Linda (mom to Teddy 2 1/2 yrs old)


Offering Innovative Solutions for Care and Recovery 

Snuggle Wraps pediatric arm immobilizers are the cool and comfortable solutions for when your child is required to wear arm restraints. Wearing arm restraints isn't one of the joys of life, but it is our goal to help make that experience easier and more comfortable. Snuggle Wraps are not thick, hot and bulky like other arm restraints or arm immobilizers. The cool ventilated areas allow air flow to the skin which actually provides the feel of not wearing arm restraints other than not being able to bend your arms. Your baby will be cooler and more comfortable. Arm immobilizers are often referred to as other names such as arm restraints, arm splints, elbow immobilizers, arm braces, etc. They are commonly used following cleft lip and palate surgery. Arm restraints for babies, baby arm restraints, arm restraints for children, child arm restraints, arm immobilizers for children, child arm restraints, child elbow immobilizers, elbow immobilizers for children, baby elbow immobilizers, baby arm immobilizers, arm immobilizers for babies