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Measuring for Snuggle Wraps™

Measure the inside of the child’s arm from the wrist to just below the armpit for the length of the arm immobilizers.

The length of the arm should be slightly longer than the Snuggle Wraps.
Snuggle Wraps will adjust to fit various arm widths.  

The standard sizes fit an average size child.  Children that are larger or smaller than average should use the next size accordingly.  If the child’s arm is significantly wider than that of an average child’s arms fasten so that the bars are on elbow side.

Snuggle Wraps™ Directions for Use    
Position Snuggle Wraps with rough Velcro side facing out away from skin.
Wrap the smaller end around wrist (Very important to apply to the wrist first), secure the tab with the soft Velcro onto the top of the rough Velcro.
Wrap the wider end around the upper arm, secure Velcro.  Snuggle Wraps™ should fit from the wrist to the upper arm.

 As with any arm immobilizers or arm restraints do not wrap too tightly.  Arm immobilizers or arm restraints should be loose enough to fit your finger under the bands.  If child’s hands feel cold or have a blue appearance, immediately remove arm immobilizers or arm restraints, exercise arms, wait and reapply looser.  Children using arm immobilizers or arm restraints should be closely monitored at all times to ensure child does not remove and is not experiencing any problem as a result of wearing arm immobilizers or arm restraints.  Remove often and exercise arms.