Offering Innovative Solutions for Care and Recovery
Snuggle Wraps™
Pediatric Arm Immobilizers


Snuggle Wraps keeps hands away from the face.

Snuggle Wraps are comfortable.

Snuggle Wraps stay on.  This provides better protection to prevent injury to a new repair. There is no need to pin them to the child's shirt and shoulder straps don't have to be used.

Snuggle Wraps are lighter.  This makes them much more tolerable to wear.

Snuggle Wraps are cooler.  This prevents overheating, rashes, and skin break down.

Snuggle Wraps are not bulky. 

Snuggle Wraps can be worn over or under a shirt.

Snuggle Wraps stay cleaner.

Snuggle Wraps are made of a closed cell foam and do not absorb blood and other fluids.

Snuggle Wraps can be wiped clean or machine washed.

Snuggle Wraps are made of Veltex a fabric made by Velcro USA.  Veltex is stain Resistant.

Snuggle Wraps can be used in place of an IV board.

Snuggle Wraps open areas allow you to view the skin underneath.

Snuggle Wraps can be worn under a shirt which can conceal them while in public if desired.  This will keep the public from asking you how your baby broke both of their arms.

Snuggle Wraps are soft and will not injur the care provider like others can when arms flail.

Snuggle Wraps float and can be worn in a pool.  (not to be used as a life saving float device)

Snuggle Wraps will not cause your baby to be "Velcroed" to the carpet as they only use a small strip of Velcro on the wrist and upper arm bands.

Snuggle Wraps controls arm movement.

US Patent 6,000,402
Offering Innovative Solutions for Care and Recovery
. Snuggle Wraps pediatric arm immobilizers are the cool and comfortable solutions for when your child is required to wear arm restraints. Wearing arm restraints isn't one of the joys of life, but it is our goal to help make that experience easier and more comfortable. Snuggle Wraps are not thick, hot and bulky like other arm restraints or arm immobilizers. The cool ventilated areas allow air flow to the skin which actually provides the feel of not wearing arm restraints other than not being able to bend your arms. Your baby will be cooler and more comfortable. Arm immobilizers are often referred to as other names such as arm restraints, arm splints, elbow immobilizers, arm braces, etc. They are commonly used following cleft lip and palate surgery.
Snuggle Wraps™
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